Independence Energy Connection project
Designed with Agriculture in Mind

Critical infrastructure, such as transmission lines, are designed to accommodate modern farming techniques and equipment so agricultural lands remain active, productive and tillable acreage.

Transource understands the valuable role agriculture plays in this region and has been intentional with design standards that take into consideration plowing, planting, irrigation, crop management and harvesting practices so they can continue to safely happen along a power line path.

Crops typical to the region where the Independence Energy Connection project is being built, including fruit trees, corn and soy, can continue to exist within the right-of-way, right up to the structure.

Where possible, Transource has been working with landowners to run lines along existing roads, fence or tree lines. The company will provide guidance about safety clearances and distances to ensure farmers work safely near poles and wires.

Directly involved landowners will be fairly compensated not only for easements required to build the line but also potential impacts or crop loss during construction and restoration.

Transource is dedicated to ensuring a compatible relationship between transmission lines and agricultural operations now and into the future.

Click the video to hear local residents who support IEC speak about farming practices and infrastructure.
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If you wish to learn more, you can view or download Transource's guide to "Transource Agricultural Mitigation Practices" here.

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