Independence Energy Connection project

Bringing low-cost, reliable electricity to the region.

Access to low-cost electricity is critical for businesses and families. According to PJM, the electric grid operator for the region, the Independence Energy Connection project will provide $866 million in congestion cost-savings in the first 15 years it is in service. That’s important, especially for a region that makes more than 20 percent of the nation’s goods and services.

“Transmission lines, particularly are a great enabler of the electric system," said Heath Knakmuhs; U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Global Energy Institute. "For our global competitiveness and for overall economic growth, jobs and prosperity, affordable and reliable electricity is key.”

In addition to the electric cost-savings, this project will use utilize state-of-the-art electric facilities and reinforce the grid to protect customers in Pennsylvania and Maryland against power outages.

“Even though there is an abundance of low-cost energy available, when there aren’t enough lines to move those supplies to areas of demand, it results in customers overpaying," said Michael Butler; Consumer Energy Alliance, Mid-Atlantic Region. "This project is another example of opportunity that will benefit all of us.”

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