Clendenin – Walton Area Improvements

Transource® and its American Electric Power affiliate Appalachian Power, plan to increase local and regional reliability by investing $75 million in West Virginia’s transmission grid.

The Clendenin – Walton Area Improvements Project consists of building about 25 miles of 138-kilovolt transmission line, three substations and making upgrades to other transmission facilities in Roane and Kanawha counties.

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Independence Energy Connection

Transource® is developing the Independence Energy Connection (IEC) project, a new overhead electric transmission project to increase consumer access to more affordable power in the region and address reliability violations that will impact customers in Pennsylvania and Maryland.

The electric transmission project will be built in two segments, East and West, totaling approximately 45 miles of transmission line in Pennsylvania and Maryland. The project also includes construction of two new substations in Pennsylvania and upgrades to two existing substations in Maryland.

PJM Interconnection, the regional transmission organization responsible for managing the high-voltage electricity grid for 13 states, including Maryland and Pennsylvania, identified concerns with the delivery of electricity into the region and reviewed solution proposals from competitive transmission companies. PJM selected Transource’s solution to address the market-efficiency issues and awarded construction of the project to the company in August 2016.

In Summer 2017, Transource hosted two rounds of open house meetings and presented hundreds of miles of route options to the public for review. The proposed routes were announced in October 2017 and the company filed applications to construct the project with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission and Maryland Public Service Commission in December 2017.

During the course of the regulatory proceedings, several alternatives were introduced by various parties, including the Power Plant Research Program (PPRP) in Maryland. Transource and PJM Interconnection, successfully analyzed these alternatives and found that with modifications one the PPRP proposed would meet the necessary grid reliability and market efficiency requirements. This alternate configuration, known as Reconfigured 9a East Alternative, will be considered along with the originally filed configuration for this segment by both the Pennsylvania and Maryland commissions.

Construction of the IEC is expected to begin in 2019, with a project in-service date of November 2020.

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